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My family has been the main reason for my perspective that everything can be done successfully by means of hard work and clever problem solving. My father who always prioritize planning and risk-assessment forever engraved this mindset that it would always be positive no matter what, and it is still true today. Despite the lack of formal awards given under my name, my perseverance has resulted in a consistently high grades over three semesters. Classes in Indonesian colleges were mostly silent with students rarely participating in a lecture, but I feel that should change. Instead of only listening we should unite together to solve a problem.

By regularly involving myself in class discussions such asking or answering questions in a discussion, I also gained reputation among lecturers in my department, such case is the reason why I was recommended by them to take IISMA, since problem-solving is really the key. People often think I overworked and overthink myself, but leaving the details out in doing academic activities would not yield a great result in bigger scheme of things. This would also be reflected on my outside class activities. Even though I did not join any organization, I  did not feel left out, since I always try to help them shedding some of their workload in the department’s organization, mainly in photography. This way, I still become useful while laser focusing on my studies.

My family’s focus on believing that hard work and problem-solving is important translates very well into real life, as I am able to get a high GPA score of 3.94/4 with a 4 in second semester, while at the same time acquiring valuable skills such as speaking, writing, and even being critical to issues in our culture.  Those results however, is not solely obtainable by simply existing in a lecture, but rather by believing active participations in class activities involving problem solving, discussing social issues, and actively providing opinions through out the session as a means to optimally acquire both theoretical understanding and deep grasp of these knowledge in relation to real world events.

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