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HEllo, welcome !!

Hi, I’m Yuwanda, an English Department student at the Faculty of Humanities (FIB), I post something related to my journey as a “mahasiswa salah jurusan” trying to love his major.


  • Linux: The Popular Operating System No One Knows

    Linux is one of the most used operating system in the world, but it’s surprising that nobody knows about it. It is popularly used in servers and android phones with different brandings. The reason of the low desktop adoption is caused by market domination by companies that promotes and bundles their proprietary softwares into newly sold computers and it directly…

  • SITE migration for a better look

    As you might be familiar with how this site was run, it was probably a nightmare for those with proper IT skills and academics to see. I ran this site using GHOST CMS, which promised a very simplified and smooth operation even for selfhosted websites, but the more I tried to use it, the more […]

  • my iisma community essay

    Starting on my journey of becoming an IISMA awardee, I committed to actively participate in both local and international communities by believing that diversity is the key of achieving peace by the powerful message conveyed by intercultural interactions. My goal would be to be able do this on various dimensions, by giving each members of […]


    My family has been the main reason for my perspective that everything can be done successfully by means of hard work and clever problem solving. My father who always prioritize planning and risk-assessment forever engraved this mindset that it would always be positive no matter what, and it is still true today. Despite the lack […]