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Privacy Policy

Domain name ownership and resemblance.

It comes to everyone not as surprise that this website has quite a resemblance to the Universitas Jember‘s official website, therefore certain statements have to be cleared first to avoid any legal trouble. This domain was legally acquired through Hostinger with .org top level domain (TLD). It contains the same domain name but registered under different TLD, but it is not in any way related to the same organization or entity, nor share and reflects the same views of the particular organization. However, the owner of this site is part of it as a means of sharing opinions and other things.

Users in this website are not bound by Universitas Jember’s bureaucracy system and are not legally obliged to abide to their policies. However, every opinions written for and against this organization are at the author’s liability. In this way, this website only serves and platform and does not represent the liability of the authors.

Data collection and usage.

In this section every readers will acknowledge our privacy guidelines in order to preserve your consent, therefore any legal consequences are bound to the reader of this site. By visiting this site, several parameters are collected and could be used for personal likes of this site owner(s) and those parameters can be identified below, but not limited to:

  • Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for reports and identification purposes.
  • Accurate location data provided by the ISP’s IPv4/IPv6 addresses.
  • Every pages visited by the readers.
  • Frequency of page visit on each posts.

These data are collected by using third party application in order to reduce time and effort should there be a site malfunction, and the purpose for such collection is up to the website owner. The said tool used to collect the data is provided by VeronaLabs in real time. The owner can use the data for many purposes, but it is not limited to any country’s internet privacy laws. This means that every parameters of the collected data can be used against the readers should they not acknowledge this privacy policy page without the reader’s knowledge. Data can be used for undisclosed purposes which also could be subject to personal relationship with readers, and any data deletion requests will not be granted, acknowledging the following statement.

By establishing a network connection to this website (that includes browsing, clicking on links, viewing and interacting with contents), the readers are directly subjected to the privacy policy, and are expected to understand the implications of using this website. By abiding these rules, readers will be guaranteed a fun, comfortable, safe, and secure blogging experience.

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